Well this weekend i put in my new master/slave cylinder and spec 3+ clutch. Well for a while my car was smoking and i did not know from where. Once i had everything off i saw that i could see into the engine through the pilot bearing. There rear main seal was fine but there was nothing else there.
This guy found what we thought the car needed, the old seal was at the bottom of the oil pan. Thinking everything was fine i put the car back together, the clutch felt great and everything was fine and dandy until i got home. I was parking my car when all of a sudden it started smoking again, i mean alot.
So now i have to take everything back off so that i can replace the rear main seal and everything else. I'm not sure of what all i need. Could someone please lead me in the right direction. What else do i need besides the rear main seal. I want to replace it all. Is their some kind of seal that goes on the back of the crank. I'd be greatful for anykind of help.

Oh and i my power steering has a leak where the shaft connects.
But that is no worry.