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A Question of Ignorance

This is a discussion on A Question of Ignorance within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I am new to this forum. I currently own an old Porsche 911 that will be sold this coming Friday.....So ...

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    A Question of Ignorance

    I am new to this forum. I currently own an old Porsche 911 that will be sold this coming Friday.....So I'm looking for something else. Im currently looking at a 2001 yellow C5 Coupe 6sp with 27000 miles. It's being sold by the local dealer.

    I am not experienced at all with vettes and have been doing a little research. From what I see, there is an oil consumption issue with many of these cars.

    1. Did ALL 2001's have the problem?
    2. How can I tell if GM did the ring replacement thing?
    3. If I have to replace the rings......cost? How much?

    Any other reliability issues I should be thinking about?

    I have used your search function.....but I may not be very good at it, as I only found a few entries that related to my questions.

    Thanks for your time.

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    not all ls1 cars had oil issues.
    all ls1 model year cars had some oil consumption problems.
    fact of teh matter is that a very small % of cars had oil consumption problems.
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    The oil consumption problem had more to due with the PCV system letting oil into the intake. Various fixes have been shown to cut down on or stop this completely.

    1) Switching to the LS6 PCV (In the valley cover instead of the heads).
    2) Oil catch can on the PCV system (also lets you see how much oil would have been introduced to your intake).
    3) Different PCV valve (I think there was one used from a GM Truck that was supposed to help).

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    However, GM did go to a heavier piston ring set up for 2002. 01 Z06 owners complained about oil usage and GM made the change for 02 Z06's and bumped the hp up by 20. 01 z06 owners gotta be pissed about that. As for a new ring set up for 02 camaros and standard vettes I can't answer that for sure. My guess is that all LS1 engines in 02 get the better rings.

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    Although I don't know what kind of rings GM put into my 2002 Camaro SS I can tell you that my car uses up very little oil (can't measure any loss on the dip stick). 22,500 miles to date. Piston slap is another story though

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