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New to the game, need help!

This is a discussion on New to the game, need help! within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I am looking to purchase a 98 TA that supposedly has a 02 LS1 that had been built and raced ...

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    Question New to the game, need help!

    I am looking to purchase a 98 TA that supposedly has a 02 LS1 that had been built and raced with NO a few times. Car has beend daily drivr for last two years. Its now at a lot and I tracked down the previous owner for questions. He indicated that it has been sucking oil throught th pcv for some time and he installed a can for drainage in between the valve cover and TB. Said he was draining the can once or twice a week. I am a family guy with two young kids and don't have a fortune to blow on this. All I plan to do with the car is show and hotrod a little. I will light the tires every chance I get, but no racing. From what I gathered, the car ran in the 11's before. The car is beautiful and looks perfect. I have done some research and founds that LS1's have some problems, but didn't know if this was excessive. He did indicate that it had a truck PCV valve and updated valley (GM's fix for the oil problem) but still sucked oil. I don't want to get into rebuilding or re-ringing. Any help I can get on this before Tues is appreciated. I also found out that before he put the cannister on it was smoking when you got on the gas hard.

    Thanks in advance,

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    My friend has the same thing that your saying a 02 Black WS-6 and was running nitrous also. Same oil problem. But he had to get his rebuilt. If your not going to race it then why get such a fast car? If your all in for show for a little bit get a stock T/A and make it pretty your self. Thats just my .02 cents.

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    It seems like a great deal and if I want to dust some stangs, I can

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    how much? If you dont mind me asking...
    I love dusting stangs. My first race at the track was a SVT and I killed him

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    The guy is asking $9K but I can get him down some. The car is a '98 with 105K miles showing, '02 drivetrain has around 30K on it. Body and interior are perfect. Ttops, silver with darl blue 30th ann. stripe package and Z06 wheels. Did you see my other posts with the list of installed components? The oil thing scares the hell out of me though. Its not a matter of doing the work to rebuild, its the costs. With practically begging the wife to let me buy it, it'd be run for a while without shelling out anymore dough. Since the kids, shes cut back on my toys. In high school I had a '87 GNX that my parents thought was just a Regal. HA! It was a fast assed car!! I've built a few older 350's and a few 400BB Poncho's that were pretty sweet. My last '77 Bandit was built by IF Engineering in NC and dynoed at 546rhp, was bad as hell. I never had it on the strip, but dusted anything that came beside me. A couple of posts I've seen said that you could maybe change to a normal oil instead of the syn for oil loss? I', gonna try and see if the guy will let me bring it home and do a compression check before buying. What should the comp per cylinder be on the LS1?

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    Quote Originally Posted by badbandit66
    It seems like a great deal and if I want to dust some stangs, I can
    Dusting stanks is not hard with these cars.

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