Whats up guys? As some of you may have read I'm swapping the heads/cam off of my Blown SS and replacing them with Patriot LQ9 heads(2.055/1.57, 72cc), and more than likely the F7 Futral cam or something similar. My first question is what will my compression ratio be if I'm running Weisco 9:1 forged pistons on a bored 346(348). From what the chart on LS1tech says, the 6.0L heads shave anywhere from .5-1.0 off of the CR. So what would they shave off of my set-up? Next, will I need to change the rockers/lifters out for the F7 cam. Right now its on stock lifters and rockers but has TR 7.400" pushrods. Last, will there be any issues with my planned set-up(F7, LQ9 Heads, 10-12 lbs of boost through a P1SC-hopefully-) as far as valve clearance or anything? If you guys can help out I will be greatful as I plan on ordering monday.