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How bout calling Cam Motion and getting a custom ground cam to exactly match your car,wants,and needs..........

I don't see the point in buying a off the shelf universal grind when you can get a custom one to YOUR car for right at about the same price.

I have been dealing with Cam Motion for years and had Awesome outcomes with every car we have put one in. And that is a vast spectrum from 500in. Caddy's to 632 Brodix aluminum big blocks.

I think they still have the world record for the fastest LS1 N/A car.

Anyways you can also ask Frost and he will tell you the same about Cam Motion's sticks.

so i call and tell them......
"i have a 98 T/A bone stock.. i want and need a corvette zr1..."
then they just go out and buy it for you??? that sounds too good to be true...