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Ls1-ls6 Conversion Done !

This is a discussion on Ls1-ls6 Conversion Done ! within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; ok, first off everyone said this was a waste of my time, but with the miles I felt I needed ...

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    Ls1-ls6 Conversion Done !

    ok, first off everyone said this was a waste of my time, but with the miles I felt I needed new timing chain oil pump and such anyway. I got the 02 ZO6 cam/243 heads package beans offers. and put in some ls7 lifters, and hardened pushrods. damb alot of work !!! Now to be fair , My car has kooks lt's lid,no cats, 3.73 gears. underdrive pully. 3600 convertor, All done well before this h/c swap. I went from 338 rwhp to 392rwhp tuned with old combo and new by same guy. so WTH is wrong with this swap? I got 54 more rwph, You can definatly feel it. The car still sounds very stock always had the factory catback .

    Did others get the same type results ?? Let me know your opinion
    keep in mind I do not want a car that smells like raw gas dumping out of it or so choppy it stalls out when you turn the ac on and put it in gear.

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    nice gain... those 243 heads are they ported or are they stock castings???
    what was the effect torque wise?

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    I did the GM H/C on my 01 Z28. The car dyno'd 327.5 and 349 hp and tq on a local dynojet before the LS6 swap. All I had was a Lid and loudmouth for mods. I did take some readings with my g-tech before and after but I have not been back to a dyno. I still have the LS1 tune.

    What I notice is the car will spin so hard now that it is hard to get a decent time at the track. I'm inexperienced and my launches are poor at 2.3 for the first 60 feet. In 2nd gear the tires begin to spin so much shortly after the shift that I must lift or risk losing control. I trap at 111 mph. Anyway, according to my numbers on the g-tech I have gained between 15 and 50 net hp and a commensurate amount of torque. The reason the range is so great is because I have changed where I test and other variables. I have moved my rpm limit up 200 because that is where the hp advantage really is felt.

    The car idles exactly as before. I see no change in gas mileage but I notice there's less need to slip the clutch to get moving. I try not to spin on take off but the tires easily spin after 3000 when I go over 70% throttle. The LM exhaust draws too much attention and since the car so readily spins the tires, care has to be taken to avoid those pesky wreckless driving points.

    Even though I still have the factory manifold and stock 3.42 gears the engine out performs the available traction. With the hardened Comp Cams pushrods, the GM H/C swap cost me $1200 and two weeks of cold weather wrenching. It was worth it and for me, it is all I want as the car passed e-check without a hitch. I had to replace my LCAs and installed lowering brackets because of the 2nd gear tire spin and hop but the added benefit there is the car feels like I'm driving on rails. Even though the GM LS6 upgrade isn't the ultimate, it was dramatic for me.

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