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Looking for LT1 ideas

This is a discussion on Looking for LT1 ideas within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I want to put an LT1 into my 69 Chevelle and had a few questions about the engine setup. 1. ...

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    Looking for LT1 ideas

    I want to put an LT1 into my 69 Chevelle and had a few questions about the engine setup.

    1. Can i use a stock intake with a stroker setup? Will it flow enough air to allow me to take advantage of the mods or will i need to get an Edelbrock intake?

    2. The engine i am using is from a 95 Caprice and has the police package on it.Also has i think a 4l60e trans. Aside from the intake mods for the center intake bolt holes, Is there any issue running a 400 small block? I have a 406 ready to go, will be using Trick Flow angle plug heads( its what i have) and am possibly thinking of stroking it to a 434. Whats are the issues i need to look for with this combination?

    3. What would be the best camshaft to use for either combination? Will have the block machined for a roller setup and also will get an appropriate converter to match the camshaft.

    4. What is the limit to modding the computer system for the Caprice?

    Any advice i can get will be most helpful, Thank you in advance

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    i have an answer for #3

    you dont want TOO big of a cam, because your gonna need a boatload of torque to get that big chevelle rolling. I'd go with a comp 503 cam. its like a 224/230 I belive, and makes great power.

    stock intake is good. my freind is using a stock intake on his 375whp firehawk. you could do a little portmatching and that'll pick up some ponies

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    That chevelle is only going to weigh around 3600 or so with a small block in it.
    I'm a little confused though at the questions. When you say using an LT1 are you just talking about using the intake and fuel injection stuff???
    Because you then go on about using a 406 or something of that nature.

    I've seen the LT1 intake used on many stroker combinations and make great power. 383 LT1's are pretty common and easily put 420-450 hp to the rear wheels with the right combination of parts.
    I'm sure the intake would work well on a 406 and make enough power to move the chevelle easily. Could always look into sending the intake out to have ported. I'm not totally convinced the edelbrock version is that much better to the point of spending the money on it. A ported stocker would do the job.
    As far as a camshaft, I would get the combination closer to finished and then get with a cam manufacture for a custom grind. Tell them your intentions and they will come up with something that would work better than an off the shelf piece.

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    I think you should just go with another system. Since you are already using another block and heads all you are really using is the intake, wiring, injectors, and tranny. A factory optispark won't fit your 400 so you would have to use a distributer and I am not sure if there is room to bore a hole in an lt1 intake to fit it. Holley makes a stealthram that might fit what you want to do better. I also think it has the ablity to be programmed by a laptop which will be easier than tuning the stock computer.

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    Not to sound cheap, but i'm trying to be cheap lol. I can easily use the complete engine and do a 383 kit on that.I dont want to spend the money on a stealth ram kit. As far as the cam, i had a custom grind cam for my mustang, and that worked out real well. I'm not trying to make a racecar....rather a nice daily driver... thats the purpose of the fuel injection.....didnt even think of using the optispark system. . . .rules out the big deal, ill use it in something else. I am not running power brakes so im not too concerned with the vacuum, just want a nice streetable car. When money permits, i will switch to power brakes and a 4 wheel disc setup( different than what i am running) stock slotted style front discs with a s-10 disc setup on the rear. sorry off on a tangent there lol

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