So my car was sounding like I had a bent push rod or two, actually it sounded like I bent them all, was pretty bad. So I ordered a set of Comp Cam 7955-16 pushrods. Couldn't tell which side the noise was coming from so I start with the passenger side because it looked easier. Find one that is so bent that it looks comical and the hole in the head it goes through is elongated. This same pushrod has been replaced by the dealer twice under warranty. And I also found two that were slightly bent when rolled across a piece of glass. So all 8 on the pass. side were replaced and I thought the one was the problem. Start the car up and after a couple of seconds a slight ticking starts. Then a metal on metal sound, intermittent though, a couple seconds long every five or six seconds. No SES light, but the engine is running a bit rough. It has been sitting for almost a month now if that makes a diff. So has anybody had the same thing happen, or any advice for me?