I finally got to put some miles on it last night, we had a couple of gallons of old gas so we got rid of as much as could and dumped some 93 octane on top. Car fires right up without any issues you would think would come with a 238/244 cam in a 346/A4. Initally the A/F was 17.5:1 but with a little tweaking came to a nice 14.8:1. The old tune with the 233/239 was WAY off from where we needed to be so I did a 10 minute cruise to get the table roughed in. With the table roughed in the Air fuel was close but not optimal, now to driving impressions. The car effortlessly cruises @ 80 and just wants to pull. Cruising @ 45 in 4th with the coverter locked up is unchanged from previous, no heasitation or bucking. Idle wants to hunt alittle but thats to be expected with a H & C package this radical. On the gas the car moves out like a spaceship, dropping the hammer in 3rd with the air-fuel ~11.5:1 the car just flat out squats and goes. At speeds up to 60 it will spin the 295" BFG G-force tires. This car is scary @ speeds. Throttle response is absolutely incredible, a quick stab of the gas and the car is a rocket. Whats the big kicker is how quiet the valve train is with the heavy springs. I don't know if its the coating on the springs, heavier heads deadening out the sound, or just getting the preload right on the comp R lifters. Sam is gonna crap his pants when he drives it after the tune is complete.