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help with engine noise

This is a discussion on help with engine noise within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I was told it was the nature of the beast and this was from my friend who has 87,000 plus ...

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    I was told it was the nature of the beast and this was from my friend who has 87,000 plus miles on his 98 Formula and the tapping when cold started around 11,000 miles!

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    Yep, its pistonslap. I bought my SS new and at 13k it started tapping but it would continue for 30 minutes. The problem is that on certain LS1 engines, the back 2 cylinders were bored larger than the other cylinders and the piston rocks back and forth in the cylinder untill it gets hot. Some engine quieten down, some dont. Mine didnt and I had to get legal help to solve the issue. Gm says that it does not cause premature wear of the engines. If you have a LS1 engine doing this, you can ask your local dealer for a free componant Letter to extended warranty to 100k. Just my opinion and what I had to go through to get my engine replaced by GM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mustanggt35th
    No worky. But yeah no doubt its piston slap. I have had 5 GM vehicles that had it. The bigger the displacement LS motor the louder the slap. My Denali does it now
    I just clicked on it and went right to it....?????Link works fine from here....I dunno....

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    Quote Originally Posted by CamaroSSx1999
    technical service bulletin

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    I have a 2002 ss vert and it has had this ticking sound since new. Once it is warmed up it goes away. I never took it back in fear that a dealership would only screw it up even more. It does run strong and burns no oil (22,000 miles). I guess I'll just live with it.

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    My suggestion is to take it back to report the engine problem. It has to be documented 3 times within the 36k if you want GM to do anything about it later on. It is piston slap and from what I understand, alot of engines have alot of wear on the back 2 cylinders and could cause more issues after 36k. Mine is really strong also, but it had started using oil and the knock was making it sound like should be in a 1978 impala with 200k miles. GM replaced the LS1 engines in the vettes, but if you play your cards right, they will pay you off for the noise and give you a componant letter that will extend your engine warranty to 100k. Just my opinion, but I had to get a lawyer to handle this for me and these are some of the things I had to go through.

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