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Heads/cam Recommendations please

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    Heads/cam Recommendations please

    I need some help in choosing a good h/c package for my car.

    My Car:
    1997 C5 Corvette LS1

    LS6 Intake
    1-3/4” Longtubes, X-pipe, Borla off-road exhaust
    150 wet shot

    My goal is to make as much power as I can. I’m thinking a cam in the area of 23X/23X. This will be a daily driver and track car but I would be happy with the 23x cam duration range. I’m not worried about making it a sleeper. I have the capability to go to E85 also. I do not want to do any fly cutting. Being I still have stock rod bolts I am limited to 6500 rpm. I plan on using a 3200-3400 stall.

    That said my question is would it be better to go with a larger cam and lower compression or higher compression and a smaller cam? Keeping in mind clearances and possibility of e85 for high compression.

    I am trying to choose btwn the tsp stage 1.0 heads (stock valve size) and the tsp stage 2.5 5.3L heads( I would consider other budget heads under$1400). I have been guided towards a few cams already, Torquer II(.598/.595) and el torro cam (.6xx/.59x). The duration is fine on those but which head/cam combo would net the most power up to 6500?

    I found this in my reading and thought it was interesting and a good combo:

    A good off-the-shelf grind would be the Torquer 2 (Comp XE-R 232/234 113+0). It'd be ragged edge close ~ .060" P-t-V clearance with .040" gaskets and 59cc chambers and 2.00" intake valve, so you'd have to measure. But, the stats would be 11.8:1 SCR, 8.7:1 DCR, and a late intake valve closing of 49 (perfect for a 7k RPM 346 with a FAST Manifold). It'd make for a real top end screamer that has power throughout the range due to the early intake valve opening and high dynamic compression. Plus, it has relatively mild overlap, so it'd idle and behave pretty good on the street.

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    i would go Tv2, and Ls6 heads stage 2 Patriots (59cc). since youre on the gas, i would stick with the Ls6 intake. you will easily be over 400rwhp before the gas...

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    I have the patriot stg 2 LS6 heads, LS6 intake (stock), and a 230/230 .600/.600 @50 vodoo cam and i made 397 at the rear wheels. it was pretty cheap to.

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    anyone know of someone running E85 and some higher compression?

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