Well I reckon it's time to rack up some debt on the credit card and start buying the parts to build my LS1 with. I just crossed 132,000 miles, it's still running strong without a bit of trouble but I'd like to go ahead and buy all my parts and get ready to freshen this bad boy up. It's a 1998 Z-28, automatic car but will get a T-56 transplant when the motor is re-built. I'm just looking for a N/A 400 - 450 RWHP like everyone else, nothing too crazy. I've got pacesetter LT's, LS6 intake and all the piddly mods right now so I'm mainly just looking at new rings, bearings, cam, heads, roller rockers, pushrods and whatever other parts I'll need. My queston is, with so many of you buying heads out there and there being so many different head companies such as AFR, Patriot, etc... which would be the best set of heads for the money that would make the best power with a moderate cam? I'm keeping the stock 346 cubic inches on the motor with stock internals since I'm not spraying or going forced induction. Thoughts on this? Any certain type of heads ya'll would recommend? Thanks