I have a 1994 Cadillac Fleetwood (stock LT1) that I am lookin to put some power into. Mainly I want torque, but all in all I want to blow these SRT-8's out the water. Plan on continuing to use the car as a daily driver and want power to be most efficient on the highway. Initially wanted to try and mod up the LT1 to get power but recently changed my mind to getting either a LR4 4.8L (3.78 bore / 3.268 stroke) and boring it out to 3.905 for the 383 kit; or getting a LQ4 6.0L (4.00 bore / 3.622 stroke) and boring it out to 4.125 for a 427 kit. Might hook up some nitrous but I am not too familiar with it so I don't know how much, and if the 427 would have enough cylinder wall left to run NOS.

My main concerns were:
1) How hard is it to tune the computer to run EFI on the 383 or 427?

2) Using EFI, would the 383 guzzle gas? (I hear Gen III and Gen IV aren't that bad on gas.) Or would the 427 do just about the same?

3)What type of Power increase should one expect from 383 to 427 using the same bolt-ons?

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Thanks for the help, and allowing me to post.