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edelbrock ls1 camshafts

This is a discussion on edelbrock ls1 camshafts within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Are camshaft numbers 2215 & 2216 solely for use in LS1 CARBURETED engines (is it indicated in the catalog )? ...

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    edelbrock ls1 camshafts

    Are camshaft numbers 2215 & 2216 solely for use in LS1 CARBURETED engines (is it indicated in the catalog )? If so, what are the consequences to the engine of mistakenly installing one of them in a standard fuel injected LS1? Would anything carryover to the transmission or driveline?

    If the camshafts can be used on the LS fuel injected setup, what would cause the engine to be rough and produce poor bottom end power?

    i sent an email to edelbrock asking the same, but i have never had luck with their response time. thought maybe someone here can help.
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    I can't see the camshaft being different unless timing events change.

    Of course...when it comes to carbs...I know very little.

    If you were to run a cam in a FI motor, I probably wouldn't recommend Edelbrock. There are numerous shops that have a LOT of time and money into researching what works in the LS1. Thunder, TSP, Futral, etc...
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    The Carb camshaft may not be compatible with the LS1s sensors. Normal carb camshafts have a gear to spin a distributor. I think the LS1 uses a crank position sensor instead to tell it when each fuel injector should spray and when the spark should fire. The worst from installing one is that the engine wouldn't fire.

    I dunno. There's so many cam choices, I don't think there's any reason to 'accidentally' buy one for a carb specific application.

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    Most of the Edelbrock cams are the fairly generic grinds that you can also pick up under a house brand, Summit for example, for $50 - $70 less. They really aren't developing much in the way of cams. You are paying for the name.

    There are several other ways to go. Those cams have 111* and 110* lobe separation, and therefore would be real hard to tune with a computer. That's why they are for a carb setup, not EFI.
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