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Does the 98-00 model LS1's have more top end power than my 2001 Trans Aam?

This is a discussion on Does the 98-00 model LS1's have more top end power than my 2001 Trans Aam? within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; hammer, welcome back man...

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    hammer, welcome back man

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    Some of 2000 models have 241 heads. I know my Z have 241 heads.

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    i have 241 heads too and my car run just as fast as any 01 or 02 stock car.

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    If you are curious if you have an LS6 blok there is 1 simple thing to look for and 1 a little more difficult thing to look for. The hardest thing is finding out your block casting number which is found on the top of the block, right below the drivers side cylinder head. If the last four digits on the block cast is 1168 then it is an ls6 block. The easiest way to tell if it's an LS6 clock is by the block casting marks directly behind the water pump. LS1's have a bullseye looking casting mark while LS6's have a normal smooth casting circle. Also the Luster on the LS6 block is of a darker aluminum because the plant for GM for the LS6's was based in Mexico where the Aluminum luster was different from the US plant. As far as the A4 M6 argument, in High HP applications, and A4 in the 1/4 will be a lot more consistent with conditions especially after multiple runs. In an M6, no matter how good of a driver you are, there is always the chance of a misshift and with the Stock M6 internals, you have more of a chance to break shit. I should know since I grenaded mine. Now I run a T56 with all viper internals. Also there is the consistency of the launch in an M6, some are dead on, some are not. As the tires get more and more warmed up each pass, the launching techniques in an M6 change a bit and can throw off the run hence the reason why the consistency of an A4 is much more greatly appreciated at the track not by just die hard drag racers. On a Dyno, and A4 pulls lower numbers than an M6 due to the loss of power through the drivetrain hence why a stall is necessary to make up for that loss of power and maximize the efficiency of the transmission. I have an M6 and I love it. I wouldn't trade it in for an A4 because I do autocross my car as well and that is where the M6 reaaly shines over the A4. That's just my $0.02
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    Quote Originally Posted by oneBADDz View Post
    hammer, welcome back man
    Thanks man, I've been really busy lately, and I don't get in there as much.

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