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Crank Pulley Wobble Problem

This is a discussion on Crank Pulley Wobble Problem within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; When I bought my Firebird two years ago the crank pulley had a tiny bit of wobble to it, barely ...

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    Crank Pulley Wobble Problem

    When I bought my Firebird two years ago the crank pulley had a tiny bit of wobble to it, barely noticable unless it was idling. Well, recently it's gotten worse, I started noticing a fluttering sound in the engine so I popped the hood to see what was up and the crank pulley is now wobbling about .25 inches to each side. I have stopped driving the car for now, for fear of damaging anything more. But I'm wondering what to do next, and how much it will cost me. I hope its just the harmonic dampener that is messed up, but i know it could be more than that. Is this something I could fix on my own with a buddies help, or would I have to find a mechanic? I hate mechanics, so I don't want to have to take it to a shop and get charged an extra 4k for something that I could do myself for $500. Any help and advice is appreciated.

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    Bolt Torque

    Check the torque on your bolt.

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    Or just try and replace the harmonic balancer. but good idea on parking it for now. Mine had wobble, that wasn't even noticeable, found out when my belt slipped, and snapped and my alternator pulley bent and snapped. oops. caused a little money outta the pocket to fix, all cuz of a wobble that wasn't noticeable.

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    Since the dmamge has been done i would reccemond picking up a new balancer and you will need a new bolt since it is a one time use deal. Stretch to yield kinda deal.
    You can do it yourself with a puller and some common tools and about an hour of your time.
    Torque the new bolt to 37 ft lbs, then 140 degrees of stretch.
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    They all will look like they wobble alittle at idle. If you've never had the pulley off I doubt it's loose. Just remove the bolt, get a new one and retorque it.

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