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Cam and spring?

This is a discussion on Cam and spring? within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I've been saving up for cam swap and other mods on my 98 6spd T/A. The car is my dd. ...

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    Cam and spring?

    I've been saving up for cam swap and other mods on my 98 6spd T/A. The car is my dd. It has 84k on the clock so i'll be replacing the timing set and oil pump, moly pushrods and Ti retainers other mods will include pacesetter LT's w/ORY and ls6 intake. My question is what kind cam and springs should I go with? I dont care about a choppy idle as long as it idles and doesnt die and i dont want a cam that chews through valve springs i only like to do things once! I want to get as much out of it as possible without running into driveability problems. Any one have a similar setup? what cam and springs do you use?

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    2000 nhra edition formula

    i have a 224/224 cam with dual springs and my car is an auto.
    for a six speed, a 228/228 cam would be ideal.
    2000 nhra edition formula
    a few bolt ons, 379 rwhp
    11.96 @113.25

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    i know of people running F13/14 in their dd. it all comes down to how good the tune is

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    I'm running the Comp Cam 232/234 595/598 112 LSA and a GMMG tune and no problems here.

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    im in the same boat as 98TAvert.
    i have a 98 formula w/ the LS1. im going to be looking for a bigger cam soon. altogether w/ the mods i have now i have about 330rwhp.
    it has:
    -ls6 cam(204/218 555/551 117.5centerline)
    (i think the LS1's have 1.7" rockers but im not sure and would i have to upgrade?)
    -crankshaft is relatively new nodular cast iron w/ less than 1500 miles on it
    -comp cams chrome moly pushrods
    -LS6 oil pump poted-polished and shimmed
    -LS1 cylinder heads w/ less than 1500 miles on them
    -LS6 clutch upgrade
    -4:10's in the rear (they are AWESOME!!!)

    im looking at ls6 intake manifold, bigger TB, (have pacesetter LT's catted y-pipe and magnaflow catback in basement waiting for nice day ), and a 160* or 180* thermostat depending on which is better.

    after the mods i want 400-425 rwhp
    any guidance would be extremely appreciated.
    I have a general idea on things, just would like experts (or close to) opinions.

    If you have the means and the desire, be prepared to do whatever it takes.

    so far:
    suncoast creations functional ram air setup,pacesetter LT's/ORY,magnaflow,pro 5.0,hurst stick,LS6 cam,4:10 gears/stock rear(screaming for mercy!!!)
    -still more to come!!!!!!

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