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hey man i live in cleveland ohio and a salvage title is a huge problem, you have to take it to the inspetors who can tear what ever they want to off. and you have to put it back together there. all number have to match bolts, ect. it not as easy as you think. unless you get someone who is shady. its hard to get a car to pass. they don't want junk car( to them ) to be fixed just to drive, good luck if you get a salvage title. save 5k more and get what you want don't settle so less. i got what i wanted and it my first car payment ever and i'm 28. so just wait for the right car. don't just take anything. thanks jeremy
yeah im going to save my money and get a WS6. like a 99-01 or somthing in that area. ive always liked the WS6's. so for now im going to fix the clutch in my s10 and drive it this winter and start hunting for a WS6 next spring.