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cam battle

This is a discussion on cam battle within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I have a 383 ls6 with all bolt ons lpe 243's 2.02/1.57 and a 281 hr high rpm street cam ...

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    cam battle

    I have a 383 ls6 with all bolt ons lpe 243's 2.02/1.57 and a 281 hr high rpm street cam
    0.006 valve timing
    112 lobe
    intake 110
    valve lash hyd exaust
    duration 281 283
    duration at .050" 228 230
    valve lift 0.571 0.573
    lobe lift 0.336 0.337
    valve timing at 0.006" lift

    This cam was on my original 346ci engine. I have been looking into cams that match my heads and ci. Most say go the ms3 and ms4 route. How would a compcam xtreme xe r
    xer287hr 238/240.605/.609 with 1.7 rockers. 112lsa 2800-7200 be. More livable than ms3 and ms4? power comparison?
    Reason i ask is super chevy did an ls383 carb special with 205 afr's. 560hp 505 torque with the hr287. A fellow on here said his engine builder told him that his would make the same numbers. His had a ms4 cam,fuel injection, and 205 afrs i believe

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    I like the comp cam better because it will be easier on springs. the LSK intake lobe on a MS4 is tough on springs.

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    I know its alittle big for my 346, but I went with Trickflow's 238/242 .595/.595 112lsa....rated at 3,000-7,000 for the 346 so the rpm range should drop alittle for the 383........ you should take a look at itm
    plus its under .600" lift so your valve springs will thank you

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    Get patrick G to spec you out a custom cam, I guarantee it will be the best $20 you will spend on your motor.
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    PRC Stg 2.5 5.3's, Futral F14, PP Typhoon intake, True duals, Performabuilt tranny, & 3500 convertor, HSW plate kit.
    *Old Time* 10.90@ 125mph

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