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I wasn't implying that aluminum rockers were a bad way to go. I guess what I was trying to say was that the JEGS brand and Scorpion brand are some what cheap. Im not doubting Comps or Crane RR. would break like mine. I admit I went a bit cheap on the final assembly of my engine (rockers) and learned from my mistake.
Simply that I checked for coil bind and investigated every other possibility of why my rockers were breaking after 3000 miles and concluded that it had to be the rockers, either for them being bad parts from stock or that they couldnt handle max spring pressure.
I some how missed your post in the middle about the rockers being rated 20lbs less than the spring rates you have. M/B So you have done all you need to do. As for going cheap I too am guilty of cheap rockers. I went proform so we shall see how long they last. 100miles so far in a 383. Cash is so tight these days. I want to switch as well but I am not willing to put it on the credit card so cash only for me and I have 0. lol good luck with it and post some vids of it after you work out the bugs.