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Bonehead derived noise.

This is a discussion on Bonehead derived noise. within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Well, I've encountered a problem in the GTO (05 LS2 6M). Like a dumbass I haven't been checking my oil ...

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    Bonehead derived noise.

    Well, I've encountered a problem in the GTO (05 LS2 6M). Like a dumbass I haven't been checking my oil regularly. So on the way to drop kids off today I started to hear a tapping comming from under the hood. Figguring it was probably low on oil I checked it and sure enough stick is bone dry. Put 2 quarts in and it is still a quart and a half low. Get to the store and top it off. The tapping subsided a faint amount but is still there and quite audible. Sounds alot like lifters tapping getting louder and faster with RPM's. Cruising at 1500-1800 RPMs I cannot hear it until I load the engine going up a hill or something then it kicks in. Drove 50 miles to work and it is definately still there. 80K miles on the motor, 4500 since last oil change (I change at 5K with all the highway driving I do). At work now trying to figgure out WTF. With no oil guage in GTO's I cannot tell if and how much pressure is in it. Trying to decide whether or not I need to drive home or tow it home, and what a possible cause may be. I know oil pumps in LS's aren't known for being long lived but could running it low damage it? Lifter collapsed ? Any ideas to check first? I really do not need another fried engine nor can I have my car down for a week shotgunning the possible problems. I'm at work now and can't get to it right now but trying to decide what can I check.
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    Sorry to say, (and believe me but I hope I am 100% wrong) but you could have just toasted your motor. If the stick was that dry then you MAYBE had 2 quarts in a 5.5 quart pan. That and if the oil that was in there was already wore a decent amount then its protection was very very limited. As for the ticking, could be alot, I don't want to just guess. Best thing to do, from my point of view is this.....

    As the motor is running, have someone sit in the car and give it slight throttle. Put your hand on the intake manifold or other parts (don't touch something dangerous) and feel the motor. From what I have been told by pros is this.... If its valvetrain, you will feel nothing. If its a rod bearing or main bearing, you can feel it vibrate or just feel it period. Hope this helps, hope your good to go man

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