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Best way to bypass emissions

This is a discussion on Best way to bypass emissions within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; In California you only get tested if ur viechle is a 76 or newer, thats why i bought a 69 ...

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    In California you only get tested if ur viechle is a 76 or newer, thats why i bought a 69 camaro. Too bad i have no money to soup it up with , haha

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    if your car isnt a 96+ you really shouldn't have a problem ?? as for the visual inspection either A) buy cats and gut em, or B) find somebody that knows someone who does inspections, and get a hook up?

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    I sure am glad I live in Ga. Hey Bad Blue Bird what part U from? I live 2 minutes from Atlanta Dragway.

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    Yeah man, Georgia ROCKS!!!

    Well since you're only gonna be there for a year, why not just keep it registered in the state you're moving from, assuming you'll be going back? Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of clean air, but some places just go TOOOOO far with emissions.

    Read an article in Hot Rod a long time ago, about their emission check on this car they had at the time. Wherever they were, it had to pass visual AND the sniffer. They did a good tune-up on the car. It passed the sniffer, but FAILED the visual. Welp, they got the stuff they needed to have on the car to pass visual, retuned everything, passed the visual, and FAILED the sniffer. What kinda crap is that???

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    here in NC they are going to change to OBD II and safety only in 2006. That means anything older than a 1996 won't need emissions.

    Greasy Chicken: You check the gas cap for two reasons: 1) Starting with the gas cap off or not sealing can set off the check engine light. 2) They are looking for a nozzle restrictor so you can't screw up and put diesel in a gas engine.

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    Jimbo, that is probably true, but they have been checking gas cap seals for years here. Does not matter what year of vehicle. It may have to due with preventing gas vapor from escaping into the enviroment. If your seal does not pass, your car does not pass until you get a new gas cap and retest.

    My biggest problem with emissions is they require my 1991 KLR 650 motorcycle to go through. What a crock!! It has one cylinder and is always way under the allowable limit of polutants. Emissions is a money maker in AZ. Vehicles that are no older than five years are exempt however, you still pay the emmission fee!!! Even if you don't get go through emmissions! Registration fees are crazy to! Registration fees are based on the value of your vehicle. So you can own a 1990 polution machine and pay less for yearly registration than a brand new latest and greatest smog fighter. I payed $400 for my 2000 Yukon this year. Ouch..... I love venting about my crazy state!!

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    I'm pretty new to owning a ls1, and of course like anyone else I've got the bug to make some things happen with my z. I live in Montgomery Co. MD, and emissions are done at state facilities only. They only do the OBD test and gas cap, though the gas cap can't fail you. This car is my daily driver, so it has to get by emissions with no trouble. I'm fairly new to all of this so I'm trying to learn. What steps would I have to take to pass after upgrading various parts, and what kind of parts might I have to avoid?

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