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Bang for Buck, Heads & Cam selection

This is a discussion on Bang for Buck, Heads & Cam selection within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Originally Posted by Intrepidman uh huh...and how do you get to 6K? - by going through 4-5K first. Plus if ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Intrepidman View Post
    uh huh...and how do you get to 6K? - by going through 4-5K first. Plus if I'm running the 1/4 I see 4-5k in first, 4-5k again in second, and I finish the 1/4 in the bottom of the 4-5k range of 3rd. The race is over long before I hit 6k in 3rd and I'd have to trap some High speeds to get there. (unless like I said, I used deep gears...and since this is my dd, I'm not going that route)
    I'm just tryin to tell you how to set it up to go a lil faster. If you're finishing in 3rd at 5000 I'm guessin it ain't all that fast. What's it run? A4s need the right combo of gear, stall, and cam.

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    I haven't run a timed quarter this year...yet. But what does a bolt on f-body make mph wise in the quarter, maybe 110. With stock 3.23 gears thats low rpms in third at the finish. Without going out to the highway at the moment I really couldn't say what, but I'd guess its just getting up to the 5k mark at that speed.
    I suppose if the head/cam goes well I could be making speed that would get me into the 6k range...when running the 1/4 at least, but drag racing is only a part of what this car is going to be doing.

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    it all depends on what the car is being built to do... is it a street car? if so, a cam with a lower range will be better. is it a purpose built drag car? then by all means go for a higher revving cam. if daily drivability is a concern, then you might want to stick to a lower cam so that you have the power from the (stopsign, streetlight, drive-thru, etc) without revving the hell out of the motor...
    race it, wreck it, dump some time and cash into it and DO IT AGAIN...

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