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Balanced and Blue Printed 357

This is a discussion on Balanced and Blue Printed 357 within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; So.. I have aquired this short Block and there are definatly some different pistons and the crankshaft has definitly been ...

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    Balanced and Blue Printed 357

    So.. I have aquired this short Block and there are definatly some different pistons and the crankshaft has definitly been played with shaving and adding wieght to it ill see if i can get pics...

    I want to know if anyone knows with stock L98 heads what are the specs that work best, ive seen and heard in some magazines, that they did some porting and machine work on some stock GM heads or L98 heads seem to flow fantastic. or what about a couple of suggestions

    i dont wanna do anything to crazy i just wanna drive the thing and not worry about smog. i know its do-able but... im having a hard time deciding if i want to go with a different intake system or stick with the L98 intake and have that machined as well..

    so 357 balanced and blue printed + heads suggestion + intake Suggestion
    can some one help me out. i have money burning a hole in my pocket and i dont wanna buy somthing that i will regret!

    oh yeah im putting 4th gen interior in my 3rd gen which also the motor is going in.

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    That's gonna be a sweet ride when you get finished.

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    Read EVERYTHING for about 2-3 months BEFORE you spend. Don't make a post and rush right out based on replies.

    What is a 357? You can't get there from a bore standpoint, and if it's the world's smallest stroker crank I'd say it'd be a horrible waste when it could have been a 383.

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