Helped a friend soon to lose car etc in bankrupsey. Only 1,000 total cash to live on besides weekly paycheck so new wheels is tough.

Found a good qualtiy 93 Old Cutlas Cierra S with a 3.3 liter V6 and 3 speed trans. Car is very nice considering age with good tires, trans feels great and no burnt oil, steering, tires etc good. German student had to unload since going back to fatherland in a week. Only problem is the engine knocks pretty bad. Souds like a rod. Got the car for $125. Except for the rod knock seems like a good basic car.

Anyone know how much a new rod job should cost if I find a good independant?

Any help appreciated, the lady needs a cheap car that can keep her getting to work so she doesn't lose her mobile home etc. I am trying to get her set with a under $700 car in the next 2 weeks. replacing the engine sounds like a 700+ cost if lucky. Is a rod job cheaper. Engine seems fine other than the knock. Like a 8 out of 10 especially when acclerating.

Jim west of Detroit