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Ahhh What To Do!!!

This is a discussion on Ahhh What To Do!!! within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I recently purchased a 99 Trans Am WS6 and its quick already, but i want to make it fast. What ...

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    Ahhh What To Do!!!

    I recently purchased a 99 Trans Am WS6 and its quick already, but i want to make it fast. What could i do to make it quicker the cheapest way???

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    2000 T/A WS6

    Lid and catback... make that thing breathe.

    Get any lid... they're all the same, so go by what matters most to you(price, quality, fitment, etc.). Get any catback other than Blowmaster... the 80-Series crossflow muffler sucks. Magnaflow is a good straight-thru setup that's still docile on the street. If you're into hurting people's ears(including your own), then get a Loudmouth. Others are out there, but these are the two opposite extremes concerning noise.

    Route the throttle body coolant line around the throttle body. It keeps the incoming air cooler(read: denser, with more O2 to burn more gas). Go with a 25% underdrive crank pulley... less drag on the motor means more power to the wheels. Later, spring for an LS6 intake manifold. Will make more power on your car than on later models that already have the LS6 intake due to slightly larger cam in yours. Also, spring for some longtube headers(LTs) and a high-flow catted Y-pipe to top off your exhaust. Port your throttle body for more airflow. At this point, you'll need to have the ECU tuned to get the best performance out of your mods.

    Once you've done these, it's time to upgrade the suspension so you can put more of that newfound pahr to the ground. Get some weld-in subframe connectors(SFCs) to stiffen your chassis. Go with a frame-mounted torque arm mount. Some brackets to lower where your lower control arms(LCAs) bolt to will help wedge the tires under the car, placing more downward force on them under hard acceleration, giving you better traction. A front shock tower will help keep the car in check in the twisties.

    At this point, it's time to think about lower axle gears. If you're an automatic(A4), 3.73s are the best performance gears for street/strip. If you're a manual(M6), then either 3.73s or 4.10s will do nicely. Some will argue with me on this, saying 4.10s are the only way to go on an M6. Maybe for them, but unless you raise the rev limiter and can handle the added rpms, your trap speed will be 112 mph in the 1/4, because you'll lose valuable time(and power) by taking the extra time to shift into 5th right in front of the finish line. For me, it's 3.73s across the board... till I get a 9" Ford to go in the back with some 3.89s.

    This should help you get started... welcome to our nightmare, pal.

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    2000 nhra edition formula

    if youre an automatic, get a stall converter.
    its the best possible mod for performance.
    you can earily knock off .5 tenths and more depending on what converter you get.
    2000 nhra edition formula
    a few bolt ons, 379 rwhp
    11.96 @113.25

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    1998 WS6 M6

    I dont think there is a such thing as going fast really cheap. If you mod your car by this principle your going to end up spending more in the long run when it breaks.

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