Fellas, how do I go about getting exactly 396 cubes out of my LS1. At almost 95K, it should be time for a rebuild soon. Especially since it was a HARD, nitrous filled, 4.10's in the ass end 95K. Don't get me wrong, she doesn't smoke and still runs damn hard, but we all know that they have to give sometime, even the venerable LS1. I want to have my plans in order when I snatch the motor out. Stroke, bore, pistons, rods, and recommended compression ratio. I plan to keep her naturally aspirated, and to use the same cam I have, but I will be putting some P&P LS6 heads on her too. Also, I am gonna keep the LS6 intake.

Also, what about the balance and the flywheel, if I put a stroker assembly in there, will I need to change those also?