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your opinion on slp eibach/bilstein

This is a discussion on your opinion on slp eibach/bilstein within the Suspension and Handling forums, part of the General Help category; i am planning on lowering/ re-shocking my 94 formula- not a show car not a dragster- mostly daily driver, ...

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    your opinion on slp eibach/bilstein i am planning on lowering/ re-shocking my 94 formula- not a show car not a dragster- mostly daily driver, but i want a better stance and firmer ride. is the slp bilstein/ eibach kit a decent choice? it's about half the price of the koni/strano kit. is it still worth it to shell out for the strano/koni? it would be an easy call for a couple dollar difference -but we're talkin $700 vs $1200! what do you guys think?

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    For springs, I currently have the SLP 1LE springs on my SS and they seem to be a good spring for a daily driver, but everyone that has Samís springs seem to really like them.
    As for shocks Bilsteins are good stock style shock, but the Konis are better in every way except price. Personally Iíd save the money and go with Samís kit the price might be higher, but you are getting better matched and higher end parts.
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    Well I just bought this same kit and I`m in the process of installing it this week I will let you know how it rides .
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    You're also comparing apples and oranges. The dampers are completely different. And FWIW, I do sell SLP products, including that kit.

    Given the drop you get from it, and the lack of adjustment from the shocks, I don't think you should be comparing my springs and Koni's to the SLP kit. You should be comparing Koni's and stock springs to that kit. Yes, that option will still cost you more than the SLP kit, however look deeper at what you are getting:

    1. You get shocks with a lifetime warranty and a HUGE range of adjustment so you can play with the ride and handling feel and response to get it to what you like best. Can't do that on Bilstein's.

    2. The SLP "drop" is normally said to be 3/4". But anyone who'd looked at a Level 1 car normally finds the front to be about stock and the rear just a little lower (around the 3/4" drop). Koni's have the moveable front spring perch that gives roughly a 5/8-3/4" drop in front, and we can use the isolator mod to drop the rear about 1/2". You don't have to buy springs to get a drop, and the Koni's are just superior control dampers over the Bilstein's

    3. I'd rather drive a Koni/stock spring car over an SLP car. I know, I've driven both. These cars need great shock damping, it's what GM missed on. The stock springs, while not the *Best* don't suck. And the SLP springs aren't the "best" either IMHO. If there were, being an SLP dealer I'd use a lot more them.
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    Ok now I finally have my new parts installed , the frontend was a PITA ! Just to clear things up a bit I bought the Eibach Pro Kit NOT The SLP Springs ,Only the Bilstein/SLP Shocks .
    Now the ride is stiffer but the Bilsteins are far better than stock shocks ! My car handles far better flat through the turns much more responsive and the drop was decent not too much . As far as the springs I would not recomend them for a daily driver .

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