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Want to replace my rotors and pads.....

This is a discussion on Want to replace my rotors and pads..... within the Suspension and Handling forums, part of the General Help category; Originally Posted by 7camaro7 so explain why I felt the gassing of my stockers which you say were designed for ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7camaro7 View Post
    so explain why I felt the gassing of my stockers which you say were designed for outgassing, and I have not for my new slotted ones?

    and I'd like to know where you're getting your info.
    lol. ive read it several times. this is the only forum i go to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 00z28bubba View Post
    lol. ive read it several times. this is the only forum i go to.
    how long have you been doing your research? I have been doing mine since long before I got this car and I think you might've misread. the whole purpose of slots and drills is to let gasses escape through either grooves and/or slots. Now tell me how the gasses escape straight through a solid metal rotor... this should be interesting.

    Which is better, slotted or drilled rotors?
    StopTech provides rotors slotted, drilled or plain. For most performance applications slotted is the preferred choice. Slotting helps wipe away debris from between the pad and rotor as well as increasing the "bite" characteristics of the pad. A drilled rotor provides the same type of benefit, but is more susceptible to cracking under severe usage. Many customers prefer the look of a drilled rotor and for street and occasional light duty track use they will work fine. For more severe applications, we recommend slotted rotors.

    I still want you to explain how a solid rotor will let gasses go straight through metal. And if they do, they've failed at it for me because I made them fade a few times which sucks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 7camaro7 View Post
    AKA unsafe brakes and change immediately
    i know but i dont drive that much any more. im just waiting to save enough to change everything at once

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    It's not a great pic, but on the front page of my website there is a photo of some cheap slotted rotors with a huge crack in them. I have a full sized version of it anyone would like to see it up close (better, I can send it to anyone who can host it, my site isn't setup for that).

    Now, I don't know about you guys, but big cracks are NOT what I prefer to see on my brakes.....

    You most definitely get what you pay for and brakes are not be best place to discover that.
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