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strano springs but which shocks

This is a discussion on strano springs but which shocks within the Suspension and Handling forums, part of the General Help category; Hey Everyone! so im getting strano springs and i know konis are the way to go but before i purchase ...

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    strano springs but which shocks

    Hey Everyone! so im getting strano springs and i know konis are the way to go but before i purchase them, does anyone have these springs with kyb's. I can afford the konis but if the two aren't that big of a difference then im gong with kyb. I can use the other 600 on something else. Well pretty much im asking are the kyb shocks a good enough ride for the users who have them.

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    KYB wont last as long with the stiffer springs. Get the Koni's, they have lifetime (?) warranty to the original buyer.

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    Call strano he will give you the best information

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    I can't speak from experience but the kyb's are not as good as the koni's. You looking for handling or straight line?

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    I have the Strano springs with the KYB AGX shocks. the biggest difference is that the KYB's are single adjustable meaning that you can not adjust bound and rebound independently as you can with the better Koni shocks. I have no problems with the ride on my KYB GR-2's in my Saturn and I have no complaints on my Hawk with the AGX's. Though I will say that on my particular car I have an issue with the rear wheels rubbing the inner fender lip since lowering. I installed drag bags to provide extra stiffness and a rakish appearance to the car. and almost never rub now. next step is brand new bump stops with the spacers reinstalled and the problem should be gone forever. Sadly I have to now repair my inner lip which got a bit mangled from the impact with the wheels.

    As with anything else in life your results may vary. Some people are running wider wheels and never have issues. I'm running stock wheels and did... ever car is a little different. The setup as I have it is very stiff and corners flat as hell. bumps are very noticeable compared to stock but in a true sports car low stiff kind of way. Drive it easy don't do anything more than a crawl over speed bumps and all will be well.
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    I can't tell you the difference between the konis but I have Sportlines and kyb gas a just shocks. Car rides great and handles awesome. Shocks clearly struggle to control body weight when going over huge bumps and dips but who the hell drives fast through a contruction zone. 19000 km since may and still driving great. Very unlike what everyone said about KYBs falling apart after a few thousand k.

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    It's all relative. I have a lot of folks come by here and think they have a good working car, until they ride in mine.

    Personally I'd never recommend either Sportlines or Gas-A-Justs individually, let alone together.

    As for the shocks. I sell a goodly number of AGX's because folks like the price and with the adjustment you have a shot at dialing the car in to suit your needs. But make no mistake, they aren't replacements for Koni's. I don't think most expect that, but some do--and that's not the case. There are times I will recommend them to folks if they cannot do something else... it depends on their situation, I will also recommend Bilstein's from time to time, but with lowering springs like mine (which is what the OP asked about), I will always want to start with Koni's and work down if we must because dampers matter--a LOT.
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