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woww, very nice. yep exactly the stance im lookin for. guess i better start savin for some koni's. I'm just so tempted by the price difference compared to the SLP bilsteins. This car is just gonna be a daily driver for me,no racing or anything crazy, so if I could get away w/ the bilsteins,I'd much rather spend the money on a new rear end or something. Instead of 1200 in shocks alone.

btw, are you still runnin the BMR trak pak, or did you switch it up?
I still have the BMR Trak Pak. I haven't driven my car in almost 2 months now and winter is coming just around the corner so the car will be in storage so it hasn't been a high priority of mine really. I was actually going to wash it and drive it yesterday but I spent an hour looking for my keys and then when I found them the battery was completely dead...FML. If it's nice out again today, I will make a 2nd attempt. Battery has been on the charger since last night.