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Shock Replacement

This is a discussion on Shock Replacement within the Suspension and Handling forums, part of the General Help category; Originally Posted by mrr23 was doing some lowering springs and shocks on a 99 TA. figured i'd take some pics. ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrr23 View Post
    was doing some lowering springs and shocks on a 99 TA. figured i'd take some pics.
    so this link is spam... totally no write up when I click on it, just advertisements on florida vacation spots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrianH.WS6 View Post
    so this link is spam... totally no write up when I click on it, just advertisements on florida vacation spots.
    Sure it isn't intentional.
    Very old link.

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    just did springs and on mine. Had the fronts already mounted to the shock from ebay so those where easy.
    Just a heads up to add to the install, mind your swaybar links if they are old. They snap off easy. Im now waiting for a set to be shipped to me in germany but the spring install took me 2 hours while doing a rear brake job at the same time lol

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    I've read through this thread and this page about replacing the shocks...

    I have a 2002 V6 Camaro that has 112,000 miles and so is (probably more than) due for shocks which I'm planning to tackle myself.

    First question is in the parts needed, apart from the new shocks. This is clearly the new top mount which Tenneco/Monroe call "Strut-Mate Strut Mounting Kit"

    costs about $75 each for left and right.

    What's not so clear is what Tenneco/Monroe call the "Strut-Mate Coil Spring Insulator"

    $16 each. Are these a part of the top mount, or are they something separate that I need to also replace? I don't see these items in the photos on the HowTo page.

    Is it likely that I need to replace the Top Mount, AND whatever that second part is at the same time, or just the shocks

    which "seem" to include new bottom insulators?



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    I am replacing the factory front shocks/struts with Bilstiens. The factory shock gets larger at the top and the spring perch will not come off. Even if it did the factory one is 1-3/4" and the Bilstien is 2". Where can I get one that fits this weekend? Looking at other threads I didn't think that I would need anything else.


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    i know this is old, but i had moved the original page to this location

    Shock Replacement

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    F body is genius takes me like 2 hrs by myself to roll the front chassis out from under the body =) , just remember to take out the starter to make it easier n safer for the car and b ez with breaklines. i love the way they come apart. and i wish i was ballin so i could have extra k member setups to swap n go race lol

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    Holy old thread but it's nice to see it still going.
    -= 2004 Machine Silver C5Z06 Vette =-

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