So, I was in L.A. the other day and did a fair bit of driving. The roads there suck. Bumpy as all get out (driving on the freeway at 70 feels similar to driving on a dirt/gravel road at 15... it's like driving over a bunch of logs or something). Around where I typically drive, the roads are quite nice by comparison--smooth, flat.

Anyway, I have some adjustable Konis, but was wondering if there is anything else I should be looking at to absorb lumps and bumps a little more graciously. I like the suspension set up that I have, but just wondering if there are parts I should be looking at to soak up some of the bumps before they hit the passenger compartment.

To get an idea of what I'm going for, imagine the difference of driving over a bump with blown shocks vs. firm shocks. When I swapped out my worn Bilstiens for some Konis that were set up stiffer, the ride quality was worlds better, even though the suspension was firmer.