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Rear end higher on one side than the other

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    Rear end higher on one side than the other

    I had my car parked on the top part of my driveway, which is slanted, and the rear looked really slanted. The passenger side was low, while the driverís side was high.
    So I backed it up onto level ground and took some measurements. From the ground to the top of the wheelwell I got:

    Driverís side: 28 3/4Ē
    Passengerís side: 27 3/8Ē

    Thatís a difference of 1 3/8Ē. I donít have pictures, but to give you something to visualize, the passengerís side looks like itís been lowered a bit and the driverís side looks a bit 4x4ed. This would explain why sometimes my car looks lowered at the rear to me and sometimes it doesnít. lol

    Anyway, I need some guidance here on how to troubleshoot this. I want to lower my car, but want everything to be level and in check before I do so.

    I did some searches and a couple of the main things people said to check were whether the rubber dampeners above the springs were seated correctly and to check the panhard rod.

    I put the back end up on jack stands and took the rear wheels off to inspect things. I think everything is seated properly as far as the springs go. For the PHR, I donít know what ďcheck itĒ means. To my untrained eye, nothing looks off. It is slanted though. I mean, the rod is far from level. It runs diagonally and is higher on the passenger side, lower on the driverís. Is this how it is supposed to be? Or is it supposed to be parallel to the ground?

    The only thing that looks a bit off to me are the sway bar ends. Not the end links, the actual ends of the sway bar that the links go through. They look twisted, but both look twisted in the same manner to Iím guessing theyíre supposed to be like that?

    Anyway, I donít know where to start here. If anyone can help guide my untrained eye and help me troubleshoot this, thatíd be appreciated.

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    having the same problem

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    check that the isolator (rubber part on top of spring) is well tuck in the spring.
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    I think alot of cars do this. Always driver side higher.

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    Sounds like you have a weak spring on one side of your car. If you lower it with springs it should balance out your stance. As far as your panhard bar goes, it is going to be slanted due to the fact that it connects to the body and then to the rear end which is lower than the body. The main purpose of the panhard bar is to keep the rear end centered under the body of the car, not to mess with the height. If you do end up lowering your car with new springs i would buy an adjustable aftermarket panhard bar so you can recenter your rear end under the body.

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