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rear control arms and cornering ability

This is a discussion on rear control arms and cornering ability within the Suspension and Handling forums, part of the General Help category; will aftermarket rear control arms hurt nonlinear performance? i love going into corners and offramps more then gunning it from ...

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    rear control arms and cornering ability

    will aftermarket rear control arms hurt nonlinear performance? i love going into corners and offramps more then gunning it from a stop, id rather not sacrifice turning ability for stright on grip if this will happen.

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    Actually should help. You'll have less suspension deflection and should have a lot tighter feel so long as your tires are up to it. The stock panhard is a rather flimsy piece of stamped steel and the lca's aren't much better.

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    ah i was just reading some info on a poly-ball combo that solves the problems of standard poly bushings on aftermarket control arms, it kinda described it as the poly bushings comming to an instantaneous limit and binding up or some other and causing the wheel to left on corners. i didnt know the problem existed, but i dont know if its an advert gimmick to get the polyball or if there really is a downgrade in cornering when going traditional aftermarket.

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    Regular poly bushings in the LCA's will bind when doing any cornering, you don't want regular poly bushings in the LCA's, the J&M's with the poly-ball are an exception to that. They offer great articulation, and are perfectly quiet, and inexpensive, but eventually the outer bushings will stretch out(1-2 yrs) and need to be replaced. Rod-ends have there own set of problems, for one they're really noisy once they start to wear, and slightly noisy all the time, IMO, skip them also!
    Finally you have Spohn LCA's with their Del-Sphere Pivot Joints, and UMI LCA's with their Roto-Joints. Both of these are fully rebuildable, very quiet(not perfectly), offer great articulation, and are built with long wearing parts.

    There's only a couple of differences between the two, the UMI uses a wave lock washer to lock the side-nut in place, the Spohn uses a set screw. The only other difference is that the UMI Roto-Joint center section is one solid piece of metal and the Spohn Del-Sphere Pivot Joint center section is four pieces.

    Myself, I chose the UMI Roto-Joints because of their simplicity/fewer parts.

    If you budget's really tight then the J&M LCA's w/poly-ball is probably what you want their around $100 pr., but if you can afford to spend more(Around $240) then the UMI w/Roto-Jount or Spohn w/Del-Sphere Pivot Joints should be your top two choices.

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    any of you guys have links so I can read up on these different joints? Other than what I could read from the sellers themselves

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    I have the J&M poly ball cause at the time the UMI roto-joints were not in production. They seem to work well and is better than straight up poly mounts but the roto-joints are a better execution & will eventually switch over to them.

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    On the front page of our website there is some information regarding our new Roto-Joint, click on the banner for even more information.

    If you have any questions please let me know. Thank you!

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