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Ordered my New suspension today !!!

This is a discussion on Ordered my New suspension today !!! within the Suspension and Handling forums, part of the General Help category; Well some parts of it at least ! By the looks of it the Z is here to stay for ...

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    Ordered my New suspension today !!!

    Well some parts of it at least ! By the looks of it the Z is here to stay for now. Since we just had a baby, my wife asked me not to go behind her back as I usually do and buy a new 5L mustang SO I decided for once to make her happy as long as she agreed to me blowing some cash on the Z. She said yes and the mods begin !!

    I bought Ground control coil overs. There are mixed opinions on the web most of what I found is positive though. For me I think they are the best compromise. I drive my Z in the snow and now have the ability to drive at stock height in the snow and slammed for the summer. I probably wont have it as low as the sportlines so the shocks can work better but it will be low and love the fact that I can make sure myself the rear doesn't look lower than the front which is my biggest peeve. I believe the spring rate is 550/175. I figured if it felt soft I'd be angry and could do nothing about it. If it was too hard I wouldnt complain since it would handle flatter anyways lol so I just went stiffer.

    I ordered Bilsteins as well. Apparently Bilstein only makes 1 shock now no more HD. Both ws-6 store and SLP told me so. Kind of sucks but oh well. I feel they were the best for me because 1. they just have to be better than KYB gas-a-justs 2. they are $500 cheaper than Konis and 3. I have read the Konis need to come apart to fit the GC kit which I didn't like.

    So for now I'm excited to install all this when it arrives. The next mods are already being planned:

    Long tubes + Y pipe
    Stiffer sway bars (probably ss/ws6 for cost reasons)
    SS Hood, and spoiler
    In the summer new 19s.

    I'm excited !!

    Here's a few pics of my Z as its come along this past year :

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    That 1st pic almost made me
    Sweet ass Z...the white wheels look clean, good luck with the build, lookin at those bolts PB blaster will be your

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    Thumbs up

    Did you order/get a new set of upper mounts?
    I have a feeling you'll need them.
    Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about/with your install.

    Also right now I'm currently (today) changing my front suspension (again ), with a GC front kit with Koni SA's and new Hypercoil 625 springs.
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    1,000% improvement under the hood. Nice work. How about some pics of the suspension install when it happens?

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    18" zr1's? where'd you get em?

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    Thanks for the compliments guys I didnt hear about getting new upper mounts are these GM pieces? do they still carry them and does anyone have any part #s?
    I'll definitely post up pics of the suspension install. I usually do it for all my mods but mostly they've been in the general section.
    I snagged 18" zr1s from a vette reproduction company who had a few left over. apparently they were put in production but after the c5/6 wheel craze they threw the zr1 on the backburner. Theyre forged and made in usa 18x9.5. I may powdercoat them silver this summer or I may keep them as a spare set for the vette and pick up c5 z06 rims in 19".

    Here's a before / after of the brakes from when I bought it. I didnt tray to spend any time cleaning up besides a quick spray so cheapo gm rotors + a can of spraypaint and heres the difference:

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