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This is a discussion on Moogs within the Suspension and Handling forums, part of the General Help category; Ok just switched out the rear Eibachs for Moogs , bought the car lowered ( 02 WS6 ) looked mean ...

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    Ok just switched out the rear Eibachs for Moogs , bought the car lowered ( 02 WS6 ) looked mean but rode like crap and scraped everywhere . Just wanted to go economic and get back to stock . Wooo Doggy it sits high and it does'nt help the look running 275 40 18's in the back 40 17"s front , anyway driver side sits 1/2 inch higher than pass . Anyone out there ever done the hose mod on just one side? Have'nt test drove yet but I'm sure it's not gonna settle that much , plus front is still lowered . Will it damage anything if I drive it with the front lowered ?


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    Have you checked it with someone sitting in the driver's seat? It might be even.

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    Jay is right on with this,

    many if not all 4th gens have a passenger side favored lean@ stock ride height..

    Both my 95 and 01 Camaros' had it.

    To the raised rear question...

    Mostly this will cost you in handling with diminish cornering ability.

    Also it will cause front brakes to wear faster as the bulk of the cars total weight now rides on the front tires.

    As the cars center of gravity has now moved farther forward from center.

    Now these cars are already heavy up front.

    This setup will likely further hurt any traction issues already present.

    As well as egsadurate camber, over steer, and increased tire wear over an extended period of time depending on what tire compound/wear rating they carry..
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