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Koni 4/3 Set

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    Question Koni 4/3 Set


    I am going to be replacing my shocks in the next few weeks as the weather starts to warm up. I would like to lower the car while I am at it, but run 315 Nitto 555's on the rear and don't want to have a summer's worth of rubbing issues and adjustments as a result.

    My question is, has anyone used the Koni 4/3 setup, with the lower (3/4") perches instead of using lowering springs? I was thinking this may be a good compromise between looks/performance and driveability. The alternative would be Strano's springs and some Bilstein's most likely.

    For reference, the car is an occasional drag car, mostly a modified street car. I drive it just for fun, so it doesn't need to ride like a luxury car, but I don't want to be worrying about shredding my tires or wrinkling my fenders any time driving gets spirited.

    Any help is GREATLY appreciated.


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    I've got the Koni Sa's 4/4 setup on my car, great shocks!
    The koni's with the factory spring on the lower perch, and rear "Hose Mod" is a great option! I would try that first, then later If you decide you still want it lower, then get some lowering springs (strano's 1.25" drop, or Hotchkis 1" drop).
    So are you going to do the "Hose Mod"(1/2"to 3/4" drop) on the factory rear springs?
    A adjustable PHB and/or rolling the fender lips would be your best preventive measure, even with the rear "Hose Mod".

    FYI, if you remove the rear bump stop spacers you'll regain 1/2" of rear suspension travel.
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    All cars are not created With that said I've had friends run 315's with no rubbing issues on there lowered cars when drag racing but rub under hard cornering after adj phb centering, others rubbed when drag If I was leaning towards drag racing vs corner carving with 315's I'd use koni's on the lower perch and hose mod. Then add some larger sway bars and relo brackets. If you can swing the koni 4/4's you can firm or soften the shock depending on what your needs are.

    To me a good adj shock/sway bar combo > than a not so well matched spring/shock combo with possible tire rubbing issues. If you're not satisfied with the drop having koni's at the corners will be better if lowering springs are added later. Shocks are the foundation in which you build your suspension around, imo.

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    Blue28 and RedRacer1,

    Thanks for the helpful posts! I think the Koni's are the way to go for me at this point (not that I doubted quality) given the adjustability and overall satisfaction on the board. It's a very valid point that with each car comes a unique set of variables, so not everyone has the same situation. I'm just trying to be as informed as possible before moving ahead and getting in too deep with issues.

    Looks like Koni's on the lower perch and the hose mod is a good starting point here. I will pick up an adjustable PHB as well. I think I'll run this by Sam to get 'final approval', haha, but thank you very much for the input, I appreciate the insight.

    Happy driving this summer.

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