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Ideal setup for AutoX?

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    Exclamation Ideal setup for AutoX?

    Finally looking to do some aftermarket suspension to the T/A. My car has never seen the drag strip, don't really care for it. I need a setup for AutoX and highway racing (racing from a roll). Car currently has stock suspension.

    It will also be a plus if I can get the car to ride like a Porsche (probably asking to much)

    What do you guys recommend?
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    There is tons of potential in the F-body chasiss for handling and braking capability.

    For handling, here is a list starting with basics and moving up from there:

    Bilstein Shocks
    Lowering Springs (Strano, Eibach, ect) or Coilovers
    Strut Tower Bar
    Tubular or Boxed Trailing Arms (rear)
    Tubular Panhard Bar
    Tubular or Boxed Bolt in or Weld in Subframe Connectors
    Larger sway bars with poly bushings and end links. Suspension Techniques has a nice F/R kit.

    For Powertrain and subframe chassis stiffness:

    BMR Tubular Road Race K-Member
    Poly motor Mounts
    Poly trans Mount

    For Braking:

    C5 Upgrade OR CTS-V/Z06 Upgrade
    Stainless Steel Brake Lines
    Hawk HPS Pads

    With those upgrades your car should be more than setup for Auto-X/track days.
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    your auto will hurt ya.

    to go off of what wesman said..
    konis > blisteins

    strano springs will show a huge improvement over just off the shelf eibachs.

    id go with tubed suspension parts..but pay carefull attention to sub frame connectors..if you decide you need them for autoX..make sure they fall into complacence with the rules of your class etc.

    with sway bars larger isn't always better...size is also not the only thing that matters when looking at sway bars....make sure they are light too..strano has a pair of hollows (FR) that should work.

    depending how serious you may want to look into a wyatts link ..instead of the panhard bar.

    tires are also a concern

    for the K member make sure you get the road race version as it will be needed...

    also look into the front suspension


    here is a great place to start to look at things you need.

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    It depends on what you want to do with your car and how much you want to spend. I suggest giving Sam Strano a call and discuss what you want to do with your car. I have had great experiences talking with Sam several times before I bought any parts. Another good source for autocross road racing is:

    For my 02 SS LE Camaro and my needs I am very happy with the following.
    1.) Koni S/A front & rear shocks.
    2.) Strano front 35mm hollow sway bar.
    3.) Adjustable rear sway bar 7/8" or Strano hollow rear sway bar. The non adjustable strano bar is lighter and slightly less expensive. I am using the softest setting on my adjustable bar and wanted the adjustability to stiffen it for drag racing.
    4.) Strano lowering springs front & rear. Lowering may depend on your road conditions, how many steep driveway entries you have, how may speed bumps you drive over, etc. You still significantly improve your handling without lowering, again it depends on what you want to do with your car.
    5.) UMI on car adjustable Panhard bar. Strano sells these and works closely with UMI.
    Another more expensive and better option is the Watts Link.
    6.) UMI 3 pt. sub frame connectors. Bolt on or weld on, your choice.
    7.) High Quality Rear Lower control arms that allow articulation. I chose the follwoing due to not want any NVH issues that can occur with rod ends.
    8.) Larger wheels & tires. I chose 17x11 ZR1 replicas and 315 35 17's on all 4 corners. I have 1/8" hubcentric wheel spacers on the front and 1/4" hubcentric wheel spacers on the rear. Spacers:
    Another option is to go with 18" wheels like 18x10.5 Z06 replicas. I wnet with 17's due to lower price for tires.

    Again this is just my $0.02 worth. I suggest you determine what YOU want to do with YOUR car, due some research. Talk to someone like Sam Strano. Another option is to see if someone in your area has a car with mods you are considering, try your local SCCA club. Feel free to PM me with questions. Good luck and let us know what you decide and how you like your decision.
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    I agree with KC455. My car is setup almost identical to his list. I worked with Sam Strano and did the mods in a progression. First was the Koni's followed by bars then springs ect... I'm running speedline Z06 wheels, 17 in the front with 18 in the back. Makes getting take off tires pretty easy. (when the vette guys slow down, they get new tires)

    Talk to Sam, he will guide you down the path and teach you all you need to know.

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    A Fays watts link is supposed to be a big handling upgrade over a PHB too. X2 on the Kon's over the B-stiens.

    I LOVE my Konis with Sam's springs, bars and UMI PHB. If I wasn't saving for a rear and a stroker SB the watts is the next thing I would do....

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