Is anyone running Hawk's DTC 50 or 60 on their streetcar or DD that does the occasional track day?
The dusk and noise is not a concern. I want to know that they really do make a big difference in stopping over semi-metallic pads or ceramic with stock calipers. I am looking at these pads as sort of a safety net. I'd like to keep the stock brake system. The purpose of these is pads is I do a lot of highway driving and need to slow from high speeds on occasion due to the shit drivers here in FL. I have ceramics on the car now and hate them. Yes, they are quiet and low dust, but the stopping distances are horrible. I know there are a million go-to suggestions on Hawk's pads on this site, however, when I search for DTC-50 nothing pulls up. There are some EBC pads out there that are comparable but the consensus seems to be people are happier with the Hawk's. Any input in regard to the DTC-50 or 60 is greatly appreciated.