Finished up my rear suspension yesterday and started working on the front end. Here are some pictures on what I found once I tore into it...

stretched break line, BAD!

Came off the car relatively easy. Needed a pickle fork to pry the spindle off the ball joint on the upper control arm.

At that point the upper control arm falls right off the strut mount. As you can see its in pretty bad shape. Rusted bad enough I wouldn't reuse it.

Strut Mount as you can see isn't going to be coming apart. So picked up new ones to go with the KYB struts and BMR lowering springs. Had to also order the perch seat for the new springs as the old coil overs aren't coming apart.

Here's all the new stuff on the back end. BMR Lower Springs, Founders LCA's with Relocation Brackets and on car adjustable PHB along with KYB struts. Also replaced the rear bearings, seals and axles with new ones from Moser.