I tried to post this before but it didnt work...I hate to do this but...I have a 2000 SS Camaro 6 speed. I also have in my garage a carbuerated 406 and a th400 that was for another project thats been scrapped. I am not going to take a huge loss on the 406 so I want to put that combo in the SS and sell the current LS1 stuff. I am going to take the rest of my money and put it in the suspension. The motor is 800 hp at the flywheel set up for nitrous and the trans is all ready to go. I dont know too much about the suspension setups in these cars. I plan on putting a new K member in the front for ease of motor swapping and a 10 point cage. I also am going to put a 9 inch in the car with a 10.5 inch tire setup. Should i just use the already existing rear torque arm setup, as i can get a direct bolt in 9 inch housing or just go to a full coil over. I have seen these cars into the 7s on stock type suspension on a ten inch tire. I want to get the car to hook and go straight first and then go from there. This car is just a recreational racer for now. Any input would be appreciated.