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bolt in subframe connectors or sway bars?

This is a discussion on bolt in subframe connectors or sway bars? within the Suspension and Handling forums, part of the General Help category; Well!!! Don't keep us in suspense!! What did you end up doing?...

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    Well!!! Don't keep us in suspense!! What did you end up doing?

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    Bought Black UMI 2 pt SFCs and UMI Sway Bars

    My reason behind it was because ultimately I plan on having a vette in a few years and I need to stop dumping money into the camaro, I have already put more than I expected to into it (thats how most things are). If I planned on my Camaro being my "fun car" for a longer time then I would have purchased the Strano Bars for sure. Yeah, its only a difference of $80-100 lets say but personally I need to stop spending paychecks on the Camaro.

    Ive always thought the car was fine as is, but slowly kept adding suspension parts. I chose to do suspension parts because it needed shocks so then I figure "well what the hell, might as well lower it while i'm doing them" and then that ended up needing strano's springs (which dont compromise form OR function at all and make the car's stance PERFECT) and then in turn needed KONI's to do it right. Glad I didnt get into HP adders because to me, makes the car worth less in the long run and I've never really seen any car get power mods and not appear "mangled" to me even if professionals are installing it..

    So, in short, I would like to thank Sam Strano for his much appreciated help and his service to the community. His parts are built to exceed even his driving conditions on the track when most of us wont even come close to putting the car thru its paces that extensively. Hopefully my modding is complete and we will see in spring once I install everything and go for a test drive. May even do some autoX events on the side

    Furthermore, all my UMI parts thus far have been great quality with great finishes and I look forward to seeing how their SFC's and sway bars improve the car even further.

    To me, my car handles like it should right now and hopefully it will surprise me again in spring with the new parts.

    My mod list (once the new parts are installed in spring):
    *Koni 4/3 Shocks
    *Strano Springs
    *UMI Adjustable PHB
    *UMI Shock Tower Brace
    *UMI 2 Pt SFC's
    *UMI Sway Bars

    Again, this is all my personal opinion and why I chose to buy the aftermarket parts that I did.

    see you all in spring
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    Congrats on the sfc purchase.
    I put 3pt bolt ins on mine and immediately felt the difference pulling out of the driveway. No more chassis shaking over railroad tracks either.
    Don't be surprised if they are a little difficult to line up. The car may be out of square already. Just get a buddy to help.
    Snowed last night.

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