Alright so quick rundown on my suspension. Bilsteins and Strano springs on all four corners, UMI upper and lower A-arms, UMI short torque arm and relocation kit, BMR non-adjustable lower control arms and relocation brackets, BMR(I think) adjustable panhard bar and finally a Moser 9". So I go to get my T/A aligned and after a couple hours they bring me back to "show me" what they had to do to get my alignment right. I get back there and the alignment guy has adjusted my diff so that the left is sticking OUT of my fender about 1" and its tucked equally far IN on the right. Then he starts explaining to me that he had to adjust it that far out to get my thrust angle right and that it has to sit like that so my car will track straight. Otherwise it will "want to drive in circles" and that I need to get adjustable lower control arms for him to align it right. This sounding right to anyone yet? Then we move onto the front and he can't get that to adjust right because the rear isn't right. So I'm pissed I tell him to re-center the diff and I take it to see how it drives. Shockingly it drives like shit and sucks my ass off the road every chance it gets and it feels like the tires are on sideways. I take it back to him cause its warrantied and he proceeds to spend another 5 hours aligning it. It still pulls but at least its not scrubbing the tires yay! right? This turned more into a rant than a question but does any of this sound right to anyone? How does shoving my axle all the way to the left fix my thrust angle? Who do you guys take your cars to to get aligned(i.e. tire shops, independent mechanics, dealerships)?