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2000 ss bottoming out questions

This is a discussion on 2000 ss bottoming out questions within the Suspension and Handling forums, part of the General Help category; Have two quick questions that have been in the back of my head for four years of owning my car... ...

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    2000 ss bottoming out questions

    Have two quick questions that have been in the back of my head for four years of owning my car...
    1. My car is an 2000ss with bilstien shocks..and it rides low that it bottoms out on minor bumps on the road with one person in it. It bottoms out if i punch it with my buddy in the 200lbs he is 200lbs. When i say bottom out when it happens we all say "damn that hurt" is this normal?

    2. She is starting to sqeek...a moving to an apartment soon with two speed bumps ...and she creeks like an old woman going up stairs. what is the fix on that?

    Thanks for the assistance...Happy Easter!

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    No that is not normal.

    Creeks = get some sub-frame connectors.

    I would also check your bump stops.

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    Agree with 35th. Also, check all the bolts for the torque arm, panhard bar, ect. Make sure they are tight, as sometimes they can loosen and make the car feel as though it's bottoming out. You could also check the springs, make sure one isn't broken or seated improperly. Check the sway bar bushings, grease them if you can - you may be getting squeeks there too.

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    When shopping for bump stops check out Strano. He has poly bump stops that are designed Jeeps. With a little work you can install them just fine on a F-body. What I mean by work is that you need to grind off the lip that GM put there for some strange reason. Takes about an hr for both sides.

    Cost of new OEM style bump stops around $100, Poly $160, Stranos Poly under $26 plus shipping.

    i'm using them and they work just fine.

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    I can't speak from expierance on the springs, but I had some bad squeaks on mine and it was both the front and rear sway bar bushings. I could reproduce the noise in my driveway by pushing down on my fenders/quarter pannels. I drove the car up on my ramps and had my girlfriend (yup she's a keeper )try to do the same while I was under the car, was able to narrow it down right away, disconnected the 4 bolts from the 2x bushings mounted to the chassis, cleaned them off, lubed them up with greese (I used synthetic white lithiam) reinstalled and noise gone. Just repeated the process on the front. I do have poly bushings which I understand tend to dry out, make noise and need to be lubed every so often, and it has been like 4 years 40k miles since I put them in. If thats what it is, its an easy fix. Hope this helps, GL

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