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Wrong Flywheel

This is a discussion on Wrong Flywheel within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; I posted this on another board but would like as much input possible. I recently did a rebuild on the ...

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    Wrong Flywheel

    I posted this on another board but would like as much input possible. I recently did a rebuild on the ls1 engine and installed new clutch kit. I later found out the flywheel that came in the kit was the wrong size. I since then received the correct flywheel however the tranny is bolted to the block. Is there enough room for me to back the tranny away from the block and reinstall the flywheel or do I have to drop the entire tranny? Since I pulled the motor last time, not sure if there is enough play to just back the tranny off? TIA

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    just back the tranny all the way off! you already have the bell houseing bolts off! you will have a hell of a lot of more room and it would take less time to just do it right! IT AINT WORTH DOING UNLESS ITS DONE RIGHT!

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    Eith way you pretty much have to pull the transmission out of the clutch/flywheel assembly. I say just back it out until the input shaft clears the pressure plate, lower it down, change the flywheel, and then raise it and bolt it back up again.

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    when pulling the transmission out, do not let the rear of it drop 'till it clears the clutch assembly & throwout bearing, and try to prevent the input shaft from resting on the hole of the bellhousing to avoid possible damage to clutch, tranny, and your wallet.

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