This is my first post so not sure how it goes,but here it goes. my clutch needs replaced, going to go all new and try to do so on a budget.My thoughts are a G.M. master cylinder and 01 and up slave cylinder,pilot bearing and rear main. Here is where i get stuck. I was just going to turn and balance the flywheel and go with a Spec stage 2 clutch.But have read all kinds of diff. things from not being very good to they chatter. The car is an 01 Z-28 with 66k on it,basic bolt ons full exhaust and tune,not sees some street racing but not much else. only future mods will be a 228 or torqure 2 cam,that will be later.I dont wont to have to replace the clutch again for a while. I also have been looking into the Ram and LS7 clutch also,but i will have to replace the flywheel with the LS7. Any wise advice would be excellent.