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Transmission rebuild underway

This is a discussion on Transmission rebuild underway within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; Originally Posted by BigTeddy254 COMPETITION CLUTCH COMPETITION CLUTCH Clutch - Transmission | Clutch Kit - Performance Perf Clutch Kit - ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigTeddy254 View Post

    COMPETITION CLUTCH Clutch - Transmission | Clutch Kit - Performance

    Perf Clutch Kit - Domestic RWD
    Unit of Measure:
    Part Number: 365+7562
    Mfg Part Number: 4173-2600
    $534.60 Sugg. Retail Price

    $431.13 NOPI Price
    Free Shipping

    Performance Clutch Kit - Stage 4
    8cyl - LS1
    The CCI 2600 Segmented Cerametalic Kit is the ultimate street strip combination for the enthusiastic road warrior and weekend racer - This assembly delivers increased torque capacity of 80-100% while maintaining reasonably smooth engagement - This is accomplished by maintaining a Marcel wafer and a sprung hub and utilizing a segmented cerametailic friction material on both sides - HP Ratings: 650hp (Ford) and 700hp (GM)

    and also this

    T56 Six Speed Transmission >

    T56 Stage 2 Rebuild Kit

    View Cart (0) | Checkout

    T56 Stage 2 Rebuild Kit

    View Images

    Price: $635.95

    Availability: This product is on backorder. Please feel free to check back periodically for updates or call 734-793-0727.

    This kit will fit Camaro, Firebird, Viper & Cobra T56 transmissions. Please specify which application you have.

    This Stage 2 kit is highly recommended for T56 transmissions to increase horse power to the 600 - 650 hp range. Installation of these parts provides optimum high RPM shifting.

    Kit includes:
    •Upgraded 1-6 carbon fiber/kevlar blocker / synchronizer rings
    •Reverse synchronizer ring
    •Bronze fork pads for the 1-2 & 3-4
    •Billet keys for the 3-4 with upgraded springs
    •Billet keys for the 1-2 with upgraded springs
    •Bronze shifter bushing / isolator cup
    •1-2 synchronizer assembly
    •3-4 synchronizer assembly
    •Snap ring kit
    •3-4 steel shift fork
    •Stock 5-6 & reverse fork pads
    •Stock 5-6 & reverse keys & springs
    •front & rear seals
    •T56 transmission exploded view

    doin it all myself of course. gimme ur input plz, aluminum fly or steel?

    I'm going through this process as we speak with that kit. I'd added the Viper 2nd gear as well as premium bearing upgrade. My reason for the bearings is if your tearing into it now it's better to go ahead and upgrade the bearings because you do most of the work AND more importantly those stock bearings have the wear and tear as your syncros and other stuff. Pre 01 yrs do not have the Viper 2nd gear, it has much longer tooth engagement. In the pic below stock on left, Viper on the right. Look in the center and you'll see the engagement I'm talking about.

    Vexzer is correct in that most of the parts in the stage 2 are standard rebuild BUT the other stuff that comes in with the stage 2 is the reason for the cost, much better over stock.

    Here's an example of the upgraded syncros form the kit. Now to be fair the front syncro is worn out but the new syncro has the carbon fiber while the stock rebuild does not.

    NOW the fun news.....if you plan on doing yourself make sure you have the t56 tools needed. #1 reason is for the 5/6 bearing and syncro assembly. You can't press the bearings on like the rest. I guess it is by the design of the bearing. If you try to do so you'll break the bearing. Now some guys say screw it and not bother replacing that bearing. I'm not like that, if I do a job it's going to be right otherwise why bother. Makes one more fail point later on that I would know that would bite me in the ass later.

    So I'm waiting on this magic tool to come in so I can finish my transmission. When it comes in I'll try to get a pic of the tool and post it.

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    Uhhh I have made this thread way longer than it needed to be. I apologize to everyone following. I have been lazy and did not finish posting all of the pics

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    It's all good. Long reads in the winter months are kind of nice.

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    All kinds of manual transmissions are somewhat easier to repair. In an automatic transmissions, the mechanism may be a little complex and hence is a little hard to repair. You should consult a transmission repair specialist for getting your vehicle's transmissions repaired.

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    Good luck with the rebuild! I would like to see pictures I may learn something new!

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