(Just for the record I did a search and read about 30 threads but never got quite the answer I was looking for.)

Here's the background. My transmission will appear to shift into reverse when I'm stopped. The problem is when I release the clutch it just grinds and doesn't move.

I have read that sometimes the reverse syncro can be flipped and this will fix it. OR that it could be a pad on the shift fork. Or finally the actual reverse gear might also need to be replaced. I've called two shops to have them look at it and instantly they jump to rebuilding the whole tranny for $2500. I don't have that kind of money right now.

My question is can the reverse gear be replaced without pulling the transmission? It seems like it should be possible since its at the back of the transmission. I know people have said they got their syncros replaced without pulling the whole thing.

I would like to eventually get the transmission upgraded with a steel 3-4shift fork and the billet keys etc.. but right now I just need to stop having to only park places I can pull out of. lol

Thanks in advance