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Swapping T-56 out for T-56 magnum... NOT A Plug and play ??

This is a discussion on Swapping T-56 out for T-56 magnum... NOT A Plug and play ?? within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; I need some input and maybe a parts list. I recently bought a brand new tremec Magnum T-56 for my ...

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    Swapping T-56 out for T-56 magnum... NOT A Plug and play ??

    I need some input and maybe a parts list. I recently bought a brand new tremec Magnum T-56 for my 2002 Trans am because I needed my stock T-56 3rd and 4th syncro rebuilt and I decided to go with the magnum as a replacement while I was trying to get a rebuild on the stock unit.. I got it in the car and started to realize that things were going wrong.. the tranny tail mount is different and there is no place to mount the torque arm on the magnum unit. I was told it was a plug and play but it looks like i got played.. I was doing some reading and saw a guy did what I am trying to do, he said he had to chop his driveshaft to make it work ?? I see that Mcleod makes a slick stix shifter that will bring the shifter back 2" as the magnum is too short for the tremec shifter to come up through the hole in the floor.. The Magnum fits the Ls1 engine but not the body it would seem. BMR suspension makes an aftermarket crossmember with torque arm plate welded on but you need there adjustable torque arm to mount .. Is there a place to get a slip yoke and custom driveshaft , tranny tail mount , offset shifter (6 bolt) , and crossmember with torque arm plate from one place or do I have to turn my stock monster into a frankinstine ?? Please someone who has done this project help point me in the right direction.. Thanks Maxx

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    In short the magnum as you have seen isnt a bolt in. You will need a custom yoke made for your driveshaft (amp performance has this) and you also may need to cut the floor a bit to access the front shifter bolt hole unless you bolt the shifter in when installing the tranny. Also depending on the speedo setup in the tranny your speed will be off. I'm not sure if it can be corrected with hptuners as most people I have seen buy a converter box from dakota digital.

    I would honestly return the tranny if you can and buy a t56 magnum for an fbody.... The difference is that the t56 magnum is a whole new case design and is a different length as you can see. A t56 magnum spec is an fbody unit such as your own which is stripped of all its parts and has magnum guts transplanted into it along with some upgraded magnum stuff. Tick performance and RPM both make magnum units like this and can get you setup. Now it will cost a little more than the magnum you bought however you will save a few hundred because everything is plug and play...

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    If you can't return the T-56 magnum, could you swap the guts from the magnum into the case for the stock T-56 from the fbody? I am thinking it would be cheaper and easier to put your effort into that rather than butchering and jerry-rigging to make the magnum fit the car. I am also curious to know how feasible of an option it is.

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